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Single Review: Pamela Hopkins Feat. Jason Lee Campbell “One More Last Kiss”

“One More Last Kiss” is the latest single from Country great Pamela Hopkins. This beautiful duet with tenor vocalist Jason Lee Campbell is sure to grab the attention of many folks loyal to the Country genre. “One More Last Kiss” is an elegant, poignant, and sophisticated offering which complements the diverse styling of Pamela Hopkins as she offers a contrast to her style with every release. Following the critically acclaimed smash hit “Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)”, this contrast is ever-present as the cheeky, satirical Hopkins offers a sensuous side to her audience, and as she trades harmonies with Campbell, we see that she can truly encapsulate the human condition of love, desire, and sensuality. “One More Last Kiss” is written in that pop style that will register with the greats in the genre, which provides that epic feel with wide-open chords, powerful, projected vocals that fill the listening space, and a very catchy chorus which gives me goosebumps. Pamela’s vocals stay within her range while allowing herself to reach that upper register only when the song requires it. This is a testament to her ability to put the song first and truly make something memorable. As the tenor voicings help shape her melodies and contrast these reaches into the soprano, the fullness of the track is captured.

As a reviewer, who has followed the work of Pamela Hopkins now for some time, I was taken aback by “One More Last Kiss”, at first. Yes, Pamela Hopkins has delivered love songs in the past, and some very powerful performances, yet this track seems to be breaking new ground for her. As this Little Rock, Arkansas native breaks into the big leagues of the Country market, “One More Last Kiss” is the song that will put her into the upper echelon with the greats in the business today. This independent release is worthy to stand along with the best major label players, and I would not normally go so far as to say, this should be a contender for Country performance of the Year. Put this track in the right hands and Pamela Hopkins will be a household name in no time. Although “One More Last Kiss” is still a new release, video performance with Jason Lee Campbell should be made available as soon as possible as this track is going to explode over Country playlists nationwide.

–Lee Callaghan

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