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Single Review: Shiragirl “Antisocial Media”

In leather, lace, or a lavender wig, Shiragirl embodies the spirit of pop/punk’s future rather flawlessly in the new music video for her single “Antisocial Media,” but if you think the much-buzzed rocker is getting attention for its release on the strength of its visual elements alone, you’d better think again. Indeed, her presence is enough to get the blood pumping in this video, but its coupling with the shredded distortion on the guitar and bass parts makes headbanging difficult to resist. Shiragirl sounds like an OG in her genre in “Antisocial Media,” and better yet, someone who knows where pop/punk needs to go next.

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If we’re looking at this song from a compositional stance, I think that the cut and dry nature of the tempo and harmonies does quite a bit to exhibit the dexterity this player has in the right arrangement. She’s very meticulous in her execution, even when moving at a rather impressive speed, and I don’t get a reckless energy from her delivery behind the mic for a second. This is a student of the medium we’re listening to; she just happens to have the fire in her belly to cut into a beat like Mia Zapata before her.

I just became familiar with Shiragirl this summer, but I’m glad that I came across her music when I did. This September’s release of the video for “Antisocial Media” has made things interesting in a month that hasn’t been very kind to fans of alternative music, and with a little bit of exposure on both sides of the dial, it’s easy to see where Shiragirl will have a hard time staying out of the spotlight moving forward. Her ‘it’ factor is really hard to ignore when she’s playing something she’s invested in, which, as of this moment in time, is all her discography consists of.

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