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Single Review: Larry Jay “Unscrew It”

Troubadour/Songwriter Larry Jay has done it again. Taking a simple theme of everyday life, Larry Jay has thrown metaphor and imagery at the frustrations of all the little things which are not right or fair in this world, which we feel powerless to change, and threw it all in a blender to “Unscrew It.” “Unscrew It” is the latest single from Larry Jay’s quickly expanding catalog of inspirational, feel-good, and upbeat songs which tug at the heartstrings just a little, while allowing the listener to believe that no matter how bad this world gets, we can always make it better. “Let’s do it, let’s do it. It’s time that we ‘Unscrew it.’ Turn it loose and we’re on our way, it’s our independence day.” “Unscrew It” is filled with examples of the crap life throws at you, yet it all resolves around the basic premise of stand up, and make it right, or “Unscrew It.”

Musically, Larry Jay keeps the melodies rather simple, allowing the vocals to be the primary harmonizations, while the beat stays nice and tight, it does allow for the listener to really find the groove and tap on the downbeat. The production on Unscrew It is professional and clean, perfectly aligned with all Larry’s other single releases, allowing the entire catalog to sit beautifully into your summer playlists. As a welcome follow-up to his rockin’ single “Killer Song,” “Unscrew It” follows much in the footsteps of the identity Larry Jay is creating for himself, a minstrel with an acoustic guitar cheering everyone he meets. This is the kind of artist we need in popular music these days.

–Lee Callaghan

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