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Single Review: Randy Seedorff “Never Alone”

Building on the success of his previous singles, “Family Tree” and “Dream,” Randy Seedorff has released his inspiring follow-up, “Never Alone.” From Pastor Randy Seedorff’s third full-length release, Begin Again, this track builds on the connection Randy has made with his listeners, his congregation, and his followers. A pastor and founder of the Soul Purpose Ministries, a non-profit organization working to minister to the incarcerated, Randy brings hope, faith, and joy with his music, along with an underlying meaning that forgiveness is possible.

“Never Alone” features some incredible slide guitar and blues licks which complement the country rhythms and a honky-tonk funk from the bass. “Lyrically, “Never Alone” explores the metaphor of running from your problems, your past, and your mistakes. Although Randy Seedorff does not explicitly name his faith, there is that overall archetype that a greater power is watching over everyone. This brings reassurance, and hope to the listener, giving them an elated feeling with every listen. “A hundred things, a hundred ways, Echoes of moments from yesterdays. When you try to run, you can’t hide from the memories, sneak up behind you. All the feeling chills you to the bone, cause you’re Never Alone.” Pay special attention here to the way Randy plays with the tempo, starting each stanza on the downbeat, he syncopates his vocals to alternate to the upbeat creating a resonance, a tension which he is able to resolve when he asserts; “Cause you’re Never Alone.”

A colorful storyteller, and a man devout in his convictions, always looking to spread his joy and contentment to those around him, believing everyone is worthy of forgiveness and happiness, Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose deliver another impactful single which can be enjoyed countless times. An excellent addition to any country music, or Christian radio format, these infectious melodies and catchy lyrics will keep your feet tapping and your troubles at bay. A very enjoyable track, as the gritty blues guitar keeps this raw emotional experience under-produced and very real. With over 80k streams since its release, Begin Again is shaping up to be a highly successful album, and “Never Alone” should push Randy Seedorff into the mainstream eye.

–Lee Callaghan

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