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Single Review: Dici “Something’s Right”

Rapper, Dici, rarely does anything at half speed. His new release, however, might just see him discovering the brake pedal for the first time. “Something’s Right” is the current single from Dici, and the title is somewhat ultra-fitting. Starting with his previous release, “Five Rings,” Dici has  shown a more cerebral approach to songwriting, and his work has arguably benefitted, as a result. Speaking of “Five Rings,” Dici has decided that all of the song’s streaming profits, will be donated to struggling boxing gyms, across the US.

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Dici will seem like a fictitious character to many. He’s trilingual, and has been an entrepreneur since middle school, when he was selling customized sneakers to his classmates. He looks like he was pulled straight from an ad for a shampoo commercial, and his youthful features are highlighted by his self-assured eyes. Always one to be the cynosure of his own universe, Dici seems to be in search of a quieter place on his new single. Ironically, though decidedly more introspective, ‘Something’s Right” is probably the most optimistic piece Dici has ever recorded.

In the video for the track, we see Dici in the presence of a few different companions. Every shot shows them back to back, until the final one. We are led to assume that in the beginning of the song, Dici is going through a tough breakup. Eventually we see him hand in hand with his new love, and are all but assured a happily ever after. Dici can’t resist winking at the camera a bit, though, as if to imply that the story isn’t quite through, yet.

Dici’s ambition and work ethic, should be recognized and applauded. He churns out material, consistently, and that material is always of a considerable quality. Not only does he think and operate as an artist, but he also handles the majority of his own production. He established his own record company, most likely to ensure the proper distribution and promotion of his work, which is something that most artists wouldn’t even consider until late in their career, if ever. His self-sufficiency is inspiring, and does much to counter the notion that millennials are lazy and unmotivated.

It’s fascinating to chronicle the relatively short history of Dici’s catalog. He has been criticized in the past for his tone deaf sense of self awareness, and exaggerated boasts. His new work, seems to be taking a gradual turn, however. This isn’t to say that Dici has completely abandoned his brashness. There is still an overtone of egoism to “Something’s Right,” but it’s less about how great Dici is, and more about how fortunate he has been.

“Something’s Right” is not the most bombastic song in Dici’s collection, but it is a solid one. The beats and arrangements are accommodating and engaging. The chorus is memorable and one of the most appealing that Dici has ever written. This track continues to feel like another step in a transitional phase for Dici. It’s a new direction, and it feels right.

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