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Single Review: See Your Shadow “Showdown”

Songwriters Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman in collaboration with long time See Your Shadow partner J. Richard Murray, has released the highly-anticipated track, “Showdown.” The result of a songwriting completion where the two had one day to write a track and present it to a panel of judges.

Although, the track did not win, (much to the dismay of the crowd who heard the track performed), the artists refused to let it go and went into the studio to record it for themselves. A track centered on a poker-related theme, See Your Shadow are able to present a motif in a full narrative of growing up and finding your strength in the face of adversity; “You gotta have a showdown, Fight for what’s right, stand
your ground, Jump right up when you’re knocked down, Don’t worry about the odds just go all in, At the showdown.” Coupled with these powerfully metaphorical lyrics are hard-hitting, gritty country-rock guitar riffs, and punchy bass grooves which assist in delivering the hard-edge message of the protagonist in this narrative.

The production on “Showdown” is very well-executed, as each frequency plays out in its full-dynamic. The vocals are crisp and clear over the aggressive distortion of the hard guitar track while maintaining its country feel and groove. A very enjoyable track, suitable for cruising down the road with the top down, or having a couple of beers at the local pub with “Showdown” cranking on the jukebox. This track would make an excellent fit for any country radio playlist due to its infectious melodies and catchy chorus.

Are you ready for a “Showdown” on September 24th?

–Lee Callaghan

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