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Single Review: AV Super Sunshine – “Together”

“Everywhere that you will go, I will go, we will go. Everywhere that you will go, we will go together. Everything that you will see, we will see, I will see. Everything that you will see, we will see together.” The opening lines to AV Super Sunshine’s latest single tear onto the scene with a jovial outlook strong enough to eclipse even the harshest overcast sky.

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There’s a good amount of variety in the song’s composition to chew on, and while the lyrics do lend themselves more to a pop sensibility by prioritizing sing-along rhyme schemes and rhythms, there’s still plenty to take away from it. “Together” welcomes the masses back, well, together, with the biggest smile on its face and offers up a sweet and deeply rewarding victory lap for those gleeful enough to dance — the rest is just the icing on the cake.

Focusing first and foremost on musical composition, AV Super Sunshine makes it evident they’re not the novices some might expect them to be; the impeccable attention to detail within the songwriting and instrumentation offer up far more than that of your typical pop track. There’s no center of electronic makeup that most pop pieces might find themselves keeping one of their feet in, pivoting instead to make pop-rock the central genre experimented upon.

“Together” feels like it has its toes in the ocean just far enough to enjoy itself in all kinds of weather, lending its focus to a variety of sounds and textures that elevate the overall song above its contemporaries. There’s some rock, some funk, some electronic dance. Something is included in the melting pot of sounds for every tastemaker, every genre fanatic. The simpler side of the song makes itself known in the lyrical prose but the simplicity never undercuts the more grandiose ingredients of “Together,” giving listeners a catchy earworm to hum for days. “We’ll wake each day and face the world together as we fall in love together, forever, it’s true. No more heartache.” 

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AV Super Sunshine throws a fastball straight down the middle with “Together,” offering up a surefire hit to break up the pop-driven monotony taking the airwaves by storm post-pandemic. The core thesis of “Together” functions best as a love song but the context of its release coming after a year of global strife won’t be lost on listeners and might always be seen as an attachment to the song’s overall existence. The single lends itself to the ever-marching passage of time and historical context, taking its simple lyrics and lobbing them straight at listeners’ emotions towards and memories associated with the past twelve months.

“Together” isn’t afraid to associate itself with the chaotic conjoined togetherness of a shared experience as daunting as a pandemic, giving listeners something to tie themselves to for better or for worse as the song leads them back to a sense of dreamlike, albeit grounded, ease. The true art of lending yourself to something bigger than your scope feels greatly in tune with the overall trajectory of AV Super Sunshine, and allowing their song to rise beyond any literal sense is about as good as it gets for an artist.

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