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Pamela Hopkins Delivers Unadulterated Attitude-Driven Anthem “Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)

In a world where collective confidence is currently fragile, Pamela Hopkins’ new single ‘Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)’ offers a welcome injection of positivity by simply not giving a damn about negative naysayers.

A fierce firebrand of a singer from Little Rock, Arkansas, Hopkins’ new path sees her embrace the spotlight, as well as a range of music genres; from crunchy blues riffs, to classic rock lead guitar lines, to country-rock overtones, it’s all packed into the 2:27 song duration.

Lyrically (quite obviously and intentionally), the song is a defiant declaration of her independent personality and spirit. “Word has it, I’m not their favourite” Hopkins wryly declares, commenting on her perceived reputation for not attending church on Sundays, despite her performing to those very same people the night before. “Feel their eyes upon me, they’re not sure what they see”: despite the hypocrisy seemingly targeted in Hopkins’ direction, it doesn’t seem like it’s affecting her. Not one iota. 

This unapologetic attitude at the center of Hopkins’ persona can largely be attested to her long, varied, and successful careers in both law enforcement and teaching. Both of which require a drive and strong-willed approach to be successful, in which she’s transferred into her newest, blossoming career as a country-rock singer. 

Music has always been Hopkins’ passion, even though there was a 23-year gap between her first and second albums. Evidently, motherhood became her primary focus, but she still found the time to perform: “I’ve had a passion for music since I was a young girl, singing, playing cello and piano” she stated in a recent press release. “I’ve been successful in music, as a wife, in raising a family and have held two successful careers in law enforcement and then as English Teacher for the middle and elementary school level. I am now in the midst of this next chapter of my life, dedicating it to my music career and couldn’t be more excited about achieving what’s been a long-term dream of mine – a full-time music career.”

Performing at piano bars such as Willy D’s Rock & Roll Dueling Piano Bar, this is where she continued to hone her craft until the time came to write original music with a roster of Nashville songwriters. Most notable of all is co-writer Jim Femino, who manages to help capture Hopkins’ indomitable soul in each of the original tracks written for her latest album Little Things.

Whilst Hopkins’ personality takes center-stage on ‘Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)’, however, the superb musicianship on the track deserves worthy mention – velvet-like lead guitar lines and thumping drum beats form the basis of this anthemic foot-stomper.

The commanding energy and conviction of her vocals will easily see her transition from the ‘small town’ stages she speaks of within the track, to overwhelmingly large arenas. The reason? Hopkins’ charisma and self-belief radiates throughout every pore of her vocal performance.

“Better pray a little harder, next time you’re at the pugh” Hopkins’ winks. If you pray hard enough, you might be lucky enough to see her perform at a venue near you.

–Tom Curtis

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