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LJGOLD is back with his new banger “Motel 6”

LJGOLD is a hip-hop artist who just released a new single: Motel 6. This song aims to combine different influences to create a forward-thinking and melodic sound with a darker edge. This song is the perfect introduction to the artist’s sound, which is not only raw and direct, but also very catchy and focused on melody. “Motel 6” showcases an excellent production, which is slightly lo-fi, especially when it comes to the beautifully modulated piano chords that kickstart the beat. However, the whole production is crisp, and definitely clear enough to sound larger-than-life and give the audience a massive impact when it comes to the beat.

Find out more about LJGOLD, and check out “Motel 6,” as well as more of his groundbreaking songs, via Spotify, or any other digital streaming platform that you might prefer.


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