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Will There Be Concerts In 2021?

This is the one question that music enthusiasts worldwide have been asking since the year 2021 began. Since Covid-19 hit, tons of restrictions were put in place to prevent the virus from spreading. Concerts and other entertainment venues were the first things to be shut down, alongside travel.

The entertainment world has been on a go-slow, and it has been a painful experience for both music stars and their fans. Luckily, there have been other entertainment options like gambling online with Intertops Casino bonus, playing video games, esports, and even virtual concerts.

The above has been the most incredible rescue from boredom and ways to have some time even during the devastating pandemic. People have, however, still been looking forward to the time they will spend a whole day out dancing.

Will concerts be back in 2021? The answer is yes. Some artists like Enrique Iglesias and Usher have already made it known that they will have tours this year. Things look good, but maybe they will not be what they used to be as the virus is still around, and there is a need to take precautions.

Here is what to expect.

1. Restricted concerts

Yes, some artists will be allowed to hold concerts in their states. But guess what? They will still be required to adhere to the set Covid-19 rules. Concert venues will not be as packed as they used to be.

House concerts will not be the thrilling open grounds with hundreds of thousands of people carrying each other on shoulders or waving flags. The grounds will not be graced with beer cans and muskiness. Things will be somewhat laid back as the venues will host a restricted number of people.

You, therefore, might want to book tickets early. More so, Covid-19 tests in the concert grounds will be the norm with so many directions on where to wash your hands, eat and even sit. If you are

unable to social distance, you might risk getting kicked out of a festival.

2. Virtual concerts

We have already witnessed this with Dua Lipa. Her virtual concert was phenomenal, but she had to put in some work to turn out successful. The concert took five months of planning and quite some budget.

It turned out great, and it is probably an idea other artists would love to borrow. Depending on how much music stars will be willing to spend and the effort they are ready to put, expect more of these in 2021.

Several other artists have done it. As more artists continue to cancel their 2021 concerts, they are likely going to Livestream them. Stay on the lookout for upcoming concerts by your favorite artists.

More so, one of the most significant impacts of the pandemic is on artists’ income. A concert of Dua Lipa earned her as she sold 284,000 tickets, each going at £7.50. This fact alone is enough to motivate the artists to organize virtual concerts. Who wouldn’t take the opportunity to generate some revenue? The good news for you is that the virtual concerts are much more affordable, and it is an easy opportunity for you to have a full experience of your favorite artist performing.

3. Concert venues might end up being a little costly

Yes, and this might reflect on your tickets. Think about it. Due to the social distancing regulations, event organizers will have to cut the number of attendees by half or even more. This means that the cost of the venue per person will be higher.

Apart from that, event organizers will have to endure a lot of paperwork for the festivals to be approved. This might cost them money. There is also the need to purchase testing equipment, sanitizers, and tons of other products recommended for preventing or fighting covid-19.

Venues may become too costly, and this might discourage venues from hosting festivals. More so, the venues might not be able to work alone and may require to work with even the government to get things going.

Concerts will be there, but only for the artists and venues willing to go through the trouble.

4. Concerts are there in regions that have managed to control the virus

This might make you feel sorry for yourself, but it is worth noting. New Zealand and Taiwan are already enjoying their concerts. As much as most heads of states have closed arenas and other entertainment venues, they have promised to withdraw the restrictions when they have a handle on the virus.

Therefore, it is safe to say that once people have been vaccinated, we can be sure that concerts will return. There is, however, no promise as it is yet to be established how people are responding to the virus; again, the hopes are still high, but chances are we could be forced to wear masks at concerts.


Whether concerts will be back in 2021 will be determined by several factors. For instance, if a state has been able to manage the spread of covid-19 if venues are willing to be compliant with the set policies and how fast everyone will be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, we have to be on the lookout for any artist who will be on tour in 2021 and the ones that will be hosting virtual concerts. From the look of things, concerts may return to normal capacity globally in 2022.

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