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Single Review: Zack Landry “Hold On”

Zack Landry’s latest song ‘Hold On’ will no doubt be one of the most moving, uplifting songs you’ll hear this year. An all-out musical bonanza, ‘Hold On’ features a deadly combination of key changes, chromatic scales, soothing background vocals, uplifting lyrics, and of course, Landry’s rich, syrupy voice – which is honestly designed to take on a song like this. ‘Hold On’ is a funk, groove, R&B, gospel song and sermon all wrapped in one. In just 4 minutes, Landry is able to powerfully deliver a message of strength, love and hope. With touching words such as “Only just for a little while/Your breakthrough is coming/When it seems like you just can’t make it/Just have faith/The size of a mustard seed” and “Hold on/Be strong/Remember he’ll give you strength/All you have to do is call on him”, Landry has really nailed it with this one. It’s a little bit Bruno Mars (a la the 24k Magic era), a little bit Brian McKnight and a whole lot of vocal perfection, attitude and inspiration. If you don’t feel like a new person by the end of the song, then perhaps this one isn’t for you – but if you’re looking for a show stopping track that never takes the foot off the accelerator, then you absolutely need to hear Zack Landry’s ‘Hold On’ right now.

–Fred Effendi

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