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Single Review: See Your Shadow “I Know My Worth”

See Your Shadow’s ‘I Know My Worth’ is the feminist, women’s empowerment anthem we need in 2021. Over an eclectic and energetic set of instruments, See Your Shadow delivers the blow-by-blow that women often have to face, being labelled “You’re too fat/You’re too thin/You’re too young/You’re too old”. But, over an energy-filled Caribbean-like, R&B, cowboy beat, women are told “It’s okay to say no/Less is not an option/When you know you’re the best” and to say to themselves “I know my worth”. The song can sometimes be unpredictably wild, but what keeps it going is the emphatic delivery of the rap parts (“Living up to perfection as defined by someone else/Sure-fire way to lose your sense of self”). The lyrics are honest, earnest, and you can tell they’ve come from personal experience. The transition into low, soulful vocal tones in “I’m worthy, I’m worthy, worthy” is a welcome change of pace that shows the versatility of See Your Shadow as an artist. Perfect for a night out on the town with the ladies, or just to play to yourself for that extra confidence boost, ‘I Know My Worth’ is an all-round must-listen. With its self-affirming mantras, positive body image message and energetic pace, you won’t regret playing this song.

-Fred Effendi

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