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Single Review: See Your Shadow “Today I Do Became I Don’t”

See Your Shadow has quickly become one of the more innovative country-rock bands to come out in recent years. The Phoenix collective returns with a new release entitled Today I Do Became I Dont,one of the more story-centric tracks the band has released thus far. A celebratory anthem of ditching a toxic relationship is greeted by warm piano keys and rousing guitar riffs. A sunny overtone reigns over the track as the band sings of a woman who finally is back on the market and hanging the I doof her wedding day vows into the exact opposite. There is no heartbreaking woes told in this tale, just a woman finally getting to live life as she had always planned it to be. See Your Shadow has always had a knack for flipping conventional stories on their head and seeing the world from a different angle, and that is why the band will continue their success for years to come!

-Colton Devonshire

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