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Single Review: David King Jones “The Covid 19 Christmas Song”

A thousand new rules and a constant feeling that we’re living in uncertain times have become quite common in the last ten months or so, and in the music video for “The Covid 19 Christmas Song” by David King Jones, this emerging shift in culture is translated into imagery and melodicism rather perfectly. Jones didn’t do anything spectacularly big budget with this video, but there’s no getting around the fact that his raw, gritty interpretation of the foundations of what this Christmas is going to look and feel like is absolutely as appropriate as it is one of a kind in every way. 

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From the get-go, this melancholic harmony is so infective that it’s difficult to avoid the somber tone of the instrumentation beside the lead vocal. This doesn’t introduce anything out of context into the verses, however – effectively, the way the melodic ribbonry has been set up in this single allows for the singer to sound even more authentic than he would have in a different scenario. Jones is playing off of the piano’s hesitant vibe, and it’s turning his words into a monolithic presence that we’re not able to escape no matter where we look or listen here. 


I wasn’t listening to this guy just a month ago, but if the sophisticated songwriting of “The Covid 19 Christmas Song” is something that I can take as a preview of the David King Jones sound in 2020, this won’t be the lone occasion on which I’m giving his material a solid review. Aside from the difficulties in making an original track about quarantine culture in 2020, making a smart Christmas single has never been an easy feat for any artist, regardless of their natural talent (or lack thereof). Jones manages to nail both like a boss here, and I don’t think you’ll disagree upon hearing the track for yourself. 

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