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Single Review: Greg Hoy “Can You Take It?”

Throttling us with a physicality that is earned rather than implied, Greg Hoy’s “Can You Take It?” doesn’t sit back in the shadows waiting for us to discover the charisma of its rock n’ roll groove. This is a track and music video that get in our face with their tangible melodicism and larger than life rhythm, and although Hoy has plenty of other intriguing listens within his discography other than this latest cut, I would say “Can You Take It?” is one of the more straightforwardly potent pieces of material he has released in the latter half of 2020 without question. 

Hoy doesn’t show any interest in replicating the mainstream model in this single – in fact, it would appear that he’s going out of his way to incorporate old school themes into his aesthetic over experimenting with anything artificial or sourced from the contemporary charts.

There’s just too much of his personality sewn into the core of this material for us to get caught up on any of the influences he has, and while this isn’t a sound that stands alone in the universe by any means, it’s definitely not something you’re going to get confused with another player’s anytime soon. 

The deep underground has been presenting us with one exciting track after another in 2020 despite all of the evils transpiring in the world around us, and even though Hoy is definitely a member of the indie circuit, he doesn’t sound removed from accessibility in this release at all. Anybody who loves to rock n’ roll can get into this single and its companion music video, and if you think this is a common occurrence among the majority of new content debuting in this genre, you really haven’t been keeping up with the output of modern rock at all. 

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