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Single Review: Lost Romance “Heart on a Wire”

Crashing into existence and pummeling just about everything within reach with as furious a kick from the percussion as can be mustered from inside of a recording studio, Lost Romance’s “Heart on a Wire” isn’t the sort of single that leaves us wondering what its performers’ ultimate goal in life is. It’s clear, and there’s no need for debate here – Lost Romance are out to make rhythmically merciless and powerfully melodic rock music that doesn’t care much for what the mainstream model looks like or stands for. Their style is a breath of fresh air for the alternative rocker in all of us, and if you’re skeptical of this statement, take a look at the video for “Heart on a Wire” and you’ll see what I mean. 

URL: https://lostromance.net/

From the piercing tonality of the guitar solo to the pressure that comes off of the bassline and the drums competing for prominence in the master mix as the band crosses into the second chorus, nothing here is without physicality. The harmonies, which live and die by the potency of this magnificent lead vocal, have a muscularity essentially reinforced by the backend swing, and when it comes time to crunch the hook into our heads, there’s no component within the instrumentation that isn’t moving mountains. 

Lost Romance weren’t a group that I was familiar with just a month ago, and despite their underground status I think they just might have one of the best alternative rock jams out this December in “Heart on a Wire.” This hasn’t been a good era for rock music overall, but if you’re like me and need a bit of chest-beating charisma in your life to get through these last few grueling weeks of 2020, I absolutely think that “Heart on a Wire” could do just the trick. 

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