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Single Review – Kamoken “Higher Love” (feat. Malou Beauvoir)

There’s a passion just waiting to come pouring from the speakers at the onset of Kamoken’s new single “Higher Love” with Malou Beauvoir, and while the song was recorded decades ago by Steve Winwood to enormous success, at no point does this performance sound unoriginal. We’re met with a haunting spoken word part from Beauvoir at the start of the track that perfectly sets the tone for what’s about to come at us in the next few minutes of play – within seconds, Kamoken’s cushy instrumental faceting is starting to tighten, and we’re off and running with a melody smoother than silk. 

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The hook is sharp and rambunctious, but thanks to the delicate tonality Beauvoir utilizes in her lead vocal, our attention is constantly being drawn back to her verses and not the contrast developing within the beat. Experimentalism takes on a lot of different faces in this genre and across the pop spectrum, and although this is probably a bit more mainstream than it could have been, I don’t see what’s wrong with putting polish where it belongs. Kamoken leaves the integrity of the vocal intact at all times, and in a song with this singer at the forefront of the rhythm, that’s all you really need. 

I’ve been a fan of Malou Beauvoir for a little while now, but alongside Kamoken I think we get to see a different side of her personality than we would have in a straight solo effort. The latter is a newcomer to the spotlight that definitely has a lot of potential to do some incredible things if this is on par with what we can expect from his work in the future. I’m impressed by the chemistry here, and if these two are able to get together again soon, I think contemporary pop would be better off for it. 

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