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Single Review: David Arn Feat. Ava Hart “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale”

Mother’s Day –The Mother’s Tale is a song so soulful and so emotionally resonant and tender that it hypnotizes the listener into an introspective trance. The song is off the album Traveler Tales by Virginia-based singer David Arn and features the talented songstress Ava Hart.

Mother’s Day is a smooth, slow, gentle ballad filled with nothing but love and genuineness and discusses the unconditional and everlasting love a mother has for her child. Ava brought more than just her remarkable voice to the table; being the mother to an autistic child, she wanted to capture and express that particular experience in song, hence the song’s theme.

Singing against the backdrop of a soothing instrumental of the strings of an acoustic guitar, Ava bears her soul out in the most unrestrainedly vulnerable and compassionate way. She manages to candidly express her affliction in the first verse when she sings, “I’m always fighting an invisible war, my prayers haven’t seen before.” She then expresses her acceptance of her son’s condition when she sings, “I accept you for yourself every day, every sleepless night long.”

She, however, doesn’t sink into depressed self-pity. She offsets the melancholy by assertively affirming her unfaltering love for her child and utters heartwarming words of comfort as in “Little one let me rock your soul, never gonna say if only.” Despite taking care of a person with autism being a tasking and very demanding responsibility, Ava also asserts her ability and capacity to take care of her son when she sings, “I accept my course by you, my hands are strong.”

Mother’s day has to be one of the most compassionately impactful songs of the year 2020, and its position on the musical charts is a testament to that fact. The Americana song peaked at the first spot on the South African iTunes chart of Alternative Folk songs. Mother’s Day has and will continue to touch and affect the hearts of many mothers, whether those with autistic children or any other health conditions that cause partial or total impairment. It will give them the strength and hope to forge ahead while encouraging them to be resilient and not give up on their children. Arn and Ava did a great job by giving the world this beautiful gem and labor of love.

–Keith Dujour

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