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Album Review: YUNGBLUD – weird!

Aesthetically speaking ‘punk rock’ might be the best term for British songwriter YUNGBLUD, but in actuality this rising star is just one of the many new artists who have decided to embrace the genre-less ways of the new generation. Born Dominic Harrison, the star from Doncaster has found his place in the worlds of both pop and rock, and has frequently collaborated with everyone from Machine Gun Kelly to Travis Barker. Today, YUNGBLUD is back with his sophomore album weird! and is once again leading the way for the misfits and misunderstood of the younger generation. 

The album begins on an exuberant note with the kickstarter track “strawberry lipstick.” The previously released single sets a good tone for the album and carries a rugged rawness throughout the song, making it perfect to sing along. After the addition of some killer guitar parts, the equation for a perfect rock song is complete.

In typical Yungblud fashion, the record also makes way for multiple heavy ballads like “mars,” “love song,” and “it’s quiet in beverly hills.” It’s here where Harrison strips back his usually loud instrumentation and focuses his attention to the importance of storytelling. He dives into discussions about transphobia, mental health awareness and the racial oppression society is facing today. As in previous albums, he stresses the important of his music being inclusive for everyone and encourages his fans to live their truest and most authentic lives. 

With most of the record pulling influence from the golden age of early 2000s emo music, a pleasant surprise comes with “superdeadfriends.” The raging but also electronic contribution to the album sounds like a mix between Rage Against The Machine and Skrillex. Its sonically chaotic and best resembles the feeling of being at a live YUNGBLUD show. The song is a welcoming change for Harrison and definitely proves to be an album highlight. 

While Harrison’s new album might have minimal surprises, weird! is still the album his fans have been waiting for. It’s the culmination of a whirlwind couple of years, topped with a sprinkle  of pandemic panic and boredom. He has secured a solid Gen Z following and continues to be more honest and relatable than ever before. 

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