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Single Review: Larry Jay “Drunk On Dreams”

Larry Jay’s latest two tracks ‘Drunk On Dreams’ and ‘Wow’ are vastly different, but still somehow showcase Jay’s signature country twang with a contemporary twist. The euphoric and nostalgic ‘Drunk On Dreams’ features Jay’s classic deep voice on an unmistakably country track, but with some pop elements sprinkled in there. Bouncy and filled with positive vibes, Jay sings “I get drunk on dreams”, and “Just thinking ‘bout how good tonight might be” on this light and airy track. Slightly reminiscent of the late Avicii, the killer drum beat keeps this song contemporary and exciting. Jay’s second track, ‘Wow’ is a slower paced, more romantic affair. With a heartfelt, sincere message and the sweet strum of the guitars, Larry Jay opens up his soul through some pretty vulnerable lyrics over rich background vocals as he confesses, “I got a lover that drives me crazy… From my head down to my toes, I feel the fire grow and grow”. “I never knew love was so good”, Jay croons – and he sings it with such an unadulterated, earnest conviction that you can really feel the pure honesty in his voice. Listen to Larry Jay’s new songs – ‘Drunk On Dreams’ and ‘Wow’ –  now, for contrasting, but equally rewarding experiences.

-Fred E.

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