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Love, Loss and the ‘Queen of Hearts’

Overcoming the turmoil of lost love and heartache, something most of us have all had to face, is brought to life in Queen of Hearts. willro takes us on a journey that dives deep into the realm of pain and what it takes to fight your way back to the surface. Along with raw emotion, the song is accompanied by piano, synth and drums.

Queen of Hearts tells the tale of a broken man who is on the verge of giving up all hope due to the condition of his heart. He is so lost, abandoned by love, he confronts his pain – which the ‘Queen of Hearts’ embodies – and challenges her to remove all handicaps from him. He knows there are two ways this confrontation will end – in his grand defeat, or with his victory and overcoming of pain, though it appears evident he desires the former.

willro is an independent artist who has an ability to tap into the pain and truth we feel throughout our journey of life. He is self-taught and creates everything from the first beat to the last vocal and works to unify them into beautiful songs through his production. Check out this latest release, Queen of Hearts by willro today

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