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Single Review: The Impersonators “Rodeo”

The songwriting duo of Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio, better known as The Impersonators, are back with Rodeo, a rocking introduction to the next chapter of the band. Rodeo’s writing process was a collaborative effort with both Tikka, Autio, and Tikka’s wife, Elina Suominin, contributing to the lyrics and melodies. The song is about the trials and tribulations that come with any relationship, but more specifically, your first. “You were my first rodeo” Tikka sings, deliberately playing off the idiomatic phrase “not my first rodeo.” The song was released in conjunction with a very tongue in cheek music video, that I won’t spoil here, but highly suggest you watch for yourself. Keep an eye out early next year for their full length release, “Ghost Town Radio!”

-SB Smith

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