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What we think of dESH.DUB’s single ‘Champion’ Translate to English

Based in the Netherlands, dESH.DUBS is a cross-media artist, writer and researcher. He started building a name for himself at an early age working on solo projects and with the likes of Black-Pact, the rap prophets and the Zambezi Symphony. He is continuing his solo journey with his single ‘Champion’. The song is off his upcoming album Above the Wicked which is scheduled for August. The track is about that good relationship that makes you feel like a champion. It is a preview of the sound and vibe of the album but holds up amazingly on its own.

‘Champion’ grabs you from the first upbeat and bouncy note. There is something infectious about the Afrobeat melody that makes you want to move to the rhythm. The music is very energetic and is an amazing fusion of RnB, dance and Afrobeat that is extremely captivating. As the melody gets you into the vibe of the single, the vocals add this wonderful top layer. The vocals are strong and husky to add the layer the bouncy melody needs to achieve perfection. As the melody and vocals combine to create an engaging track, the lyrics make the song something unique. The lyrical arrangement and writing is outstanding and uses references to the old testament and voodoo to skilfully build a picture and emotions. ‘Champion’ by dESH.DUBS is that song that you can never get enough of and always makes you feel upbeat when you hear it.

The unique fusion beat is captivating while the vocals are a rich and husky layer of delight. Find out more about dESH.DUBS on his Website: http://deshchisukulu.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DESH-DUBS-173017102295/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/desh_dubs/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dESH_
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4p2d4UOS2zj0PycxI6TDHC?si=xWRI_-FDQcWpwTDDbQHXng

‘Champion’ – credits
Music producer: Michael Polk, Kustom – Lorton, Virginia, USA
Sound engineer: Marcel Van Ling, Mo Sound Studio – Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Mastering: Ivo Statinski, Statinsk_mastering – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Songwriter and vocals: Desh Chisukulu, dESH.DUBS – Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Original Text credit: Claudia Mendes
Photo credit: Gemma Chisukulu

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