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Single Review: Dos Floris “All in It Together”

Strumming to life with an acoustic melody alongside bittersweet piano keys, Dos Floris gets her incredible new single and music video “All in It Together” started with a level of panache that immediately lets us know that something big is about to happen. What exactly the event will consist of will be revealed over the next few minutes, but even in these first few moments of play, there’s no denying that the chill-factor Dos Floris is conjuring up – seemingly out of thin air – makes it all the more difficult to turn down the volume on this track.

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The vocal glides into the instrumentation and finds a sonic cushion waiting there to complement its every statement. Layer upon layer of instrumental might is finding its way into the melting pot of melodicism, and yet there’s scarcely a moment in which it feels like we’re about to be drowned in decadence. Dos Floris’ voice is in the center of it all, leading a hurricane of harmonies into the audience for what feels like one of the more powerful moments of her career thus far. The music is incredible, but her words are the bedrock of every fantastic emotion being brought to the surface in “All in It Together.”

A ballad of unity through even the hardest of strife, “All in It Together” concludes much in the way most songs of its kind do – with one last chill-inducing harmony that seems to linger in the air around us long after the instrumentation has ceased. Dos Floris is still an underground player, but with a track like this now under her belt, I don’t see that remaining the case forever. She puts the pain and isolation-inspired depression of quarantine culture on notice in this most recent effort while exuding a charm that I myself can’t wait to get more of.

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