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Shari Rowe’s “The Heavy”

Known to those around her for her compassionate heart and genuine spirit, Shari Rowe strives to provide a glimmer of hope in hard times. With the tagline “be the light in the heavy”, Rowe encourages us all to be a beacon of light during dark times. In today’s climate, more than ever, it is important to spread the message of love and lifting each other up.

“We wrote ’The Heavy’ to inspire,” says Shari Rowe. “We can all relate. Getting that news, feeling that pain, losing sleep over the things we see in the world, grieving the loss of loved ones. ’The Heavy’ comes into our lives in many ways, and we have the power to lighten the load for each other. We all have opportunities, big or small, to be the light.”

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/track/14sRODwxeRZwMG785e9IoX?si=vxs4SLoiTeC1lpaE1RJeiw

Follow: https://www.instagram.com/sharirowe. @bgroundent

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