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The Unfit Release Self-Titled Debut LP

The Unfit formed in Seattle in 2012. After years of sparse shows, sporadic recording sessions, and scattered postings of tracks online, old high school friends and longtime Seattle musicians Jake Knuth, Michael Lee, T.J. Johnson, and Tyler Johnson have released their self-titled debut on Share It Music.

The Unfit are an unrelenting exercise in catharsis formed out of the band’s need for a sort of musical therapy in the current times. Their sound can be described as a mix of 80s and 90s punk, grunge, and indie rock influences, at times noisy and sludgy, at times reminiscent of hardcore punk. The songs deal largely with finding meaning, belonging, and honesty in a world where such things seem to be becoming harder to find, and coping with the lack thereof. Underlying it all is the sentiment that when the fittest for survival in our current world often seem to be those with the greatest capacity for dishonesty, shamelessness, and zealous self-interest, one can perhaps take some pride and find belonging in being one of the unfit.



  1. Caged Rats And Hampster Wheels
  2. No Culture
  3. I Don’t Get It
  4. Spin It
  5. Interest
  6. The Living
  7. Picture
  8. Righteous
  9. Progress
  10. Pills


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