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Single Review: “They Never Told You” by Sean Hobbes

\Sean Hobbes has released the single “They Never Told You”. The song appears off his album “The Cyclic Nature of Love”. Fans of piano ballads should be sure to give this song a listen.

“They Never Told You” starts with a very soft piano that gets progressively louder because the lyrics enter. Starting with the line “Always have a way of losing my head”, listeners will automatically get the sense that the song is about someone who is struggling with themselves. Eventually, it is made clear this struggle is because of relations with others. The line “You can see when people change from nights before” stands out in particular to enforce this message.



With the instrumental solely consisting of the piano, Sean Hobbes’ vocals are allowed to have great prominence throughout the song. Listeners are able to hear the emotion coming through Hobbes’ voice in every note, with his tone perfectly matching the lyrics in the song. By combining the vocal abilities with quality lyrics and a catchy, emotional melody, “They Never Told You” is a memorable song worth repeated listens.


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