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Single Review: “Wonder Why” by Crafty

Crafty has released the song “Wonder Why”. The song is a rock song off their EP “One Sugar”, and is recommended for anyone who enjoys listening to classic rock and hard rock music.

The beginning of “Wonder Why” features an uptempo electric guitar, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. When the first line comes in, “I can’t stay still today”, the listener is left wondering why. Reasons for this could be anything from the narrator being excited to anxious. By the chorus, listeners find out the reason is the latter. When singing “I can’t stand this life/It’s bringing me down/And I can’t take no more”, listeners can feel the pain in the lead singer’s voice. He goes on to “wonder why” there is much more in life he desires, shaping the theme for the song.



Outside of the lyrics, one of the highlights of the song is its production. While listening to the song, listeners will be able to clearly hear not just the lyrics, but also all of the instruments. They are all mixed in well together, with no one instrument overtaking the others. The exception to this is after the second chorus, when Crafty opts for a well-placed guitar solo.


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