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Lola Rising New Album ‘Moving Forward’

In a year filled with uncertainty, one thing you can depend on is that there will always be good music and a band or artist looking to break into the limelight. Today’s artist focus is on Lola Rising, an Island Reggae band that play the guitar and the ukulele. They are also amazing songwriters that most of their original music in their catalogue since 2014.

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Their first full album ‘Westward Bound’ in 2016 was their breakthrough album that led to a lot of accolades and airplay in their home state and on the college scene around the nation. In this highly anticipated EP titled ‘Moving Forward’, Lola Rising is out to prove a point that they have developed and are ready to take on the world with their passionate lyrics and sonorous vocal performances that trap listeners in a trance.

The major themes of the album are love, loss and the love of the earth and the need to focus on its protection. Lola Rising lives to make music but they also make strong messages which makes them one to watch. The title single ‘Moving Forward’ is a happy, fast paced song that anybody can relate with. The instruments are powerful and colorful with their dexterity showing off in riffs and catch choruses. With beautiful harmony and hooks they will keep replaying in your head, this is one well-done album. Lola Rising also make good use of the horn and this is evident in most of the tracks, adding one more layer of musical complexity that enhances the feel of the album.

If you are a fan of pure, folksy music that offers a highly melodic blend of rock, folk and reggae, Lola Rising should be on your playlist. There are no hiding places in the production, no attempt to mask or fuse the sound. Moving Forward is masterfully produced to be an auditory orgasm. The vocal performances are remarkable and backed by a full suite of instruments with minimal processing.

Have some musical fun with Lola Rising’s upcoming EP and vibe to conscious messages too while you’re at it.


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