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John Vento & Nied’s Hotel Band “Nied’s Hotel Band”

Coming off fresh from his debut project Love, Lust, and Other Wreckage from 2019, John Vento has returned early in the new decade releasing an eleven track effort entitled Nied’s Hotel Band. The Pittsburgh native shows off his energetic side on a majority of the record while pairing that with the more simplistic and down to Earth feeling that made his past album so successful with fans. A great example is “I Love You,” which showcases one of the best vocal performances on the record from Vento with a soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics. “Lonely” is another great record that showcases this artistic blend, and is one of a handful of songs that shows up on the album in a live format, showing off the beauty of the instrumentation and the true range Vento’s voice possesses. All in all, this project is an excellent balance of both of Vento’s worlds and will show just how versatile he can be with his latest recordings!

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