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Single Review: Jubilee – “Peaches”

Jubilee is a multifaceted project made up of Gia Cezar, Alex Dillard, and Alberio Silva Da Cruz. As main proprietor of the Common Luxury music label, which Gia co-founded with her brother Jordan in 2016, their ambitions have been largely based on an in-the-moment sense within the realms of imagination and creativity, rather than past experience or connections. Gia and Jordan are Brazilian-Americans, (raised between Bahia and California, respectively), which plays a pivotal role in her stylistic approach.

This year, Jubilee has already found success with three singles, their fourth and latest single being “Peaches.” From looking at the simplistic, yet vivid cover art, I was immediately surprised by the impressive distinctness emitted in the percussive and synth arrangements. Both exhibit a solid understanding of not only providing sheer hook factor, but an understanding of the feel, as well as the amount of space within the song. Gia’s voice blends extremely well in the arrangement, as sensual as it is confident, and has a bit of airiness that competently offsets the boldness of the primary synth melody. As Jubilee plan to expand these ideas in a full-length setting, I’m already looking forward to it.

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