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Amie Penwell Debuts New Video for “Windows”

Amie Penwell is an artist that is on the rise with her brilliant sense of imagery and back-to-basics individuality, which has us intrigued by the songstress. Last month saw the release of the debut from her upcoming record in the form of ‘Unstoppable.” Upon one listen and view of the video we were already eager for more. Penwell brings a whole lot of honesty into the world as her lyrics and message go above and beyond to create a vision and convey and meaning. Today we are pleased to share with you her latest video endeavor and song, “Windows,” which is also the title track of her upcoming release out November 6, Election Day.

Penwell speaks of the track:

“My upcoming release “Windows” is an intimate, firsthand look into the lives of nine women on nine different journeys. Each song is a portrait of individual and collective exploration through acceptance, power, will, humility, denial, willingness, faith, surrender, and freedom. This first portrait Window opens the record with a woman baring witness to the symphonic chaos of a day lived in any given city on the planet and how the beast and beauty ride in tandem.”

A little bit of Rock a little bit of Soul, Penwell delivers the good once again with a powerful piece that will open up your eyes and your ears. Constantly pushing the musical boundaries, Penwell will leave an impression on your ears.

Find Amie Penwell on her Social Media Channels:

Website: http://www.amiepenwell.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amiepenwell
Twitter: http:www.twitter.com/amie_penwell

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