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Matt Oestreicher Comes Alive with “Human Anymore”

Coming off the high of his latest single, Human Anymore, Matt Oestreicher continues his musical momentum with his next release for Dream The World New. Known for his deeply thoughtful and intellectual lyrics, Oestreicher brought the same amount of energy to this song as he has done with his past tracks. With a positive uplifting message, welcoming vocals, and a guitar solo to fade out the last 60 seconds of the song, listeners can expect to finish the song looking at the world with a brighter smile on their face.
Dream The World New is a song that calls for action among it’s listeners. It calls for you to trust yourself, completely, and listen to the little voice in the back of your head telling you to follow your dreams. As Matt Oestreicher passionately sings, you just may find that you can dream the world new, once you follow your heart and believe in yourself.
As an extra bonus, listeners are greeted with an angelic female voice halfway through the song that fits beautifully with Matt’s. This choice to add a second vocalist feels intentional, almost like Oestreicher meant to add an extra layer of hope to this already optimistic song. From the first acoustic chord to the last electric jam, this track has the potential to bring inspiration to its listeners all around the world.

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