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Single Review: Caesar Osiris – “MÁS ALLÁ”

Caesar Osiris is a Puerto Rico-bred, California-based singer-songwriter and visionary who strives for greatness in both musical and theatrical mediums. His boundless creativity as a director has given life to numerous videos, short films, campaigns and commercials – all with musicianship blazing at the forefront. Now, straight from the success of his debut single, “Saved by the Music,” Osiris has kept his craft steadily intact.

In fact, his follow-up, the single/video presentation “MÁS ALLÁ” justifies such staying power. Beginning on a note of serene, but upbeat rhythm, Osiris makes certain of the song’s visual elements fitting especially within the music. The smooth synth melodies are the ideal accompaniment to dusk-laden ocean waves, Osiris’s tonality complementing both factors. His lyrical delivery is an important asset as well, naturally transitioning between Spanish and English as the aquatic bass groove aptly supplements the whole musical involvement. I speak for many when saying that “MÁS ALLÁ” is not only another highlight summer anthem for this year, it is a spirit boost for any season.

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Compositions - 90%
Breaking Ground - 86%
Engagement - 90%
Lyrical Voice - 90%
Production - 94%


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