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10 Homemade Musical Instruments to Try Out


Here’s something unique for all music lovers!


There might be a lot of conventional ways of pass time when you’re bored or it’s a rainy day. However, this one may be something new. If you have kids around, there is a perfect way to keep them busy and entertained- Homemade musical instruments! It is nice way of making memories and improving your ‘diy’ skills as well. So, without any further ado here are ten homemade musical instruments that you can try out.


  1. The Rhythmic Shaker

Our first instrument is kind of like a twist on a maraca. It is sort of diamond shaped and can be filled with whatever you like, from beads to dried peas. This is really the most basic but unique instrument at the same time. Homemade instruments should be easy and fun and this rhythmic shaker definitely is. Maracas are really popular in Hispanic culture. You can add your own change to it by customizing it according to your preference. Shake away your troubles with this rhythmic shaker and use it to make family karaoke nights even more interesting and memorable.


  1. The Rainbow Xylophone

We’ve all heard of the xylophone. You will probably remember it as the most memorable instrument of your childhood. Well, we have good news. You can make your own at home and customize it as well. We have chosen a rainbow theme as it is colorful and attractive but there are no limitations as to what you can decorate the xylophone with. It is not that hard to make and you can enjoy the beauty of the instrument via your own skills. Speaking of music, http://www.thesmartfuture.net/wireless-speaker-reviews/ has the best reviews on everything music related.


  1. The Steel Drum Set

We’re sure you’ve seen kids play with steel items and make a racket with them. Well, this might not be the most horrible thing. You can actually make a steel drum set for you to fool around with at home. There are a lot of different materials you can customize to make the drums. Bring out your inner drummer star with this homemade instrument. Not feeling the actual drum set? Well, these are perfect for you, then. This is actually a good idea for a kid’s birthday party. Since children are known to love making noise, this will definitely be an enjoyable activity for all to indulge in.


  1. The Wooden Xylophone

Here is another xylophone idea. Have you been trying to teach your little one music? Well, we have the perfect way. Like we said earlier, homemade instruments are easy and enjoyable. This wooden xylophone will go a long way in teaching your children music. It is also a way to get them interested in music at an early age.


  1. The Bop-O-Phone

This is one of the best instruments to brighten up a rainy or dull day. It is simple yet efficient for when you need a bit of cheering up. This invention is a great entertainer for kids as well as for teachers who are looking at new ways to get the little ones listening. The frame or box used for making it doesn’t really cost much and plus it’s a great way to use Boomwhackers in a more extended and unique kind of way.


  1. The Matchbox Guitar

This is a homemade instrument that is great for the fine motor skill development of children. The matchbox guitar is specially made to strum. It is able to do so the same way as a normal guitar would. However, this one is made for the entertainment of kids. This instrument proves how even the simplest and smallest of things can have a use.


  1. The Tubaphone

The tubaphone is one unique creation. All you need to make this instrument is a latex glove, a long plastic tube, a drinking straw and some tape. The glove is attached to the end of the tube to create weird, funny and unique sounds. Who said you need actual instruments to create new music?


  1. The Melody Pole

The melody pole is a great way to pass time during the winter. People usually stay indoors during this harsh season. However, we have something that might get you outside. This instrument uses wind and pipes to create sounds. It is fairly good as something to pass your time. Not to forget how creative the idea is.


  1. The Balloon Bongo Drums

Have you ever tried using balloon material as music providers? Well, instrument takes ‘diy’ to the next level. The balloon bongo drums use tin cans and balloons for drumming surfaces. It is tightly covered over the tin’s mouth and is used to make bongo-like sounds.


  1. The French Horn

This will probably be the weirdest French horn you’ll ever see. This one is a homemade take on the famous instrument. Using a funnel and a corrugated pipe, it is made to look and sound just like a professional French horn. Well, not exactly, but you get the picture.


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