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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Clayton Morgan

Growing up, Clayton Morgan was surrounded by music, at school and at home. Clayton starred in school musicals, and participated in both choir groups and drama clubs. His father and mentor, Eddie Daniels of The Four Sonics was his greatest inspiration. Clayton was also heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Whitney Houston, to name a few. All of these influences contributed to Clayton’s unique and honest vocal style. On the heels of his music video and remixes release of “Taste For Love,” Clayton sat down for an exclusive interview!

ME: Please tell us your background.  How did you get into the music business?

Clayton Morgan: I’ve had a love for music since early childhood. My father was a member of The Four Sonics music group in the late 1960s. Growing up I enjoyed singing on stage in school productions. In my early teens, I developed the skill for songwriting. It was at that point that my musical journey began where I wanted to become a recording artist.

ME: How influential was your father, Eddie Daniels, on your music?

CM: My dad was a role model to me. He supported me in my musical goals. He never gave up on his dreams even after The Four Sonics parted ways. I feel very proud to be his son!

ME: Being from Detroit and now, Dallas, TX, how do you feel your location has helped and/or hindered your career?

CM: I think being in Texas in general is a good thing for my music career. There is so much going on and a lot of great opportunities here. Like they say, ‘Everything is Bigger in Texas’.

ME:Tell us about your latest single, “Taste For Love

CM: “Taste For Love” was a favorite of mine during the writing and recording process. It’s a song about yearning for love. The yearning for love is wanted and needed during good and bad times. It’s one of those songs that make you think about that special person whether it’s a current situation or past one.

ME: Who are some of your biggest influences?

CM: My biggest influences are Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker.

ME: What do you find to be the most difficult thing about the music business?

CM: The most difficult part is trying to breakthrough and be heard in a vast sea of other artists. Being independent is a challenge but a great challenge because I’m in complete control of everything. The most important thing to me is remaining true to who I am as an artist.

ME: What means more to you: Sales, Awards, or critical praise? and why?

CM: All of those things are great. I just want to remain true to myself as an artist and hopefully that will resonate with the audience.

ME: What is your greatest achievement, so far?

CM: My greatest achievement so far is building the current team I have. I have a producer, video director, artist development help, vocal trainer and publicity. I’ve been so fortunate to have this amount of support so early in my music career.

ME: What one song do you wish you had written, that you didn’t?

CM: I wish I could have written on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album or I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton. Either one of those would have been great.

ME: If I was to come to dinner, what would you serve and what movie would we watch afterwards?

CM: I would serve Italian cuisine. It would be Spaghetti or Lasagna with garlic bread because I love both. For the movie, I like Eddie Murphy films, so it would be a classic like Coming to America or Harlem Nights.

ME: Sounds like fun!  I’ll be right over!  Thanks for taking the time, Clayton.  Good luck on everything!

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