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Live Review + Gallery: Tremonti at Strom in Munich, Germany 18/6/18

I believe I am not the only one who has been excited beyond any comprehension to see Tremonti on their European tour. It’s been quite a while since they showed up here anyway, 2016 seems like a lifetime ago. But with new concept album on their account it was certainly needed. Currently supporting Iron Maiden across Europe on some dates they found some time to do their headlining shows and some festival appearances as well to present their brand new stuff from A Dying Machine album that came out just few weeks ago.

As it usually goes, the anticipation to see one of your favorite bands play live is pretty high. Especially with each new album and then tour to follow. Most of us are wondering how it will sound, what kind of songs they will add to their setlist, what we really can expect. And with me it was no different. Munich show has been on my must see list for quite some time and I have to say, I did not leave disappointed. I promised myself not to be too biased as Tremonti is one of my favorite bands of current time, but “thankfully” the very top of perfection scale was only nearly hit.

The whole thing took place in quite tiny Munich club Strom which was probably the reason of small misteps along the way. Usually these kind of bands in small space equals pretty intense music experience, but this time the overall sound was not so great. Tremonti is known to have amazing elements in each of their songs from mouthopening riffs to breathtaking vocals. However this time the bass was a bit too loud and the vocals were not as highlighted as they should be. Not to mention the music was sometimes even ear splitting despite wearing the ear condoms as some folks love to address the usual earbuds. One could either get smothered by the heat that radiated through the small club or get a headache and not really from the severe headbanding.

On the other hand when it came to the show itself, it was absolutely amazing. Putting aside the small downs of the venue, you could not leave without being completely high on music and intense experience. After Tidalwave, a rock band from Berlin, warmed up the crowd and Tremonti came on stage, they kicked off the machine with Brains, from their debut album All I Was. Garrett Whitlock’s intense drumming skills and his own way of getting people to scream (“You’re so fucking quiet!” …or something along those lines) really boiled the blood in our veins… and it was not just because of the heat in the small venue. Crowd got wilder by each song, the guys up on the stage as well and we even got a taste of small bass solo from Tanner Keegan, their tour bass player. Mark Tremonti, nor anyone else, did not hide their appreciation and how thankful they were to everyone who came to see them on their sold out show.

The guys made a nice cut through their whole carrier for the setlist of this show. It included the best out of their four albums, not leaving A Dying Machine behind at all. Take You With Me, Bringer of War and even the last single from the album and one of the slowest songs As The Silence Becomes Me. I have to say I was thrilled to hear this one in particular. Tremonti and also Alter Bridge, as other Mark’s act, are known to play this kind of slower stuff only during their solo concerts were the crowd can be more appreciative. And it certainly was. Unfortunately I could not hear myself singing nor anyone else beside Mark because of the extremely loud speakers, but when I turned around to see people’s mouths moving I could say that great bunch of guys knew the song by heart. And that was really amazing thing to see.

I might have known the songs by heart, as other fans as well, but what really deepened my love for Tremonti was that they ditched the kind of already tidious and lame, so to speak, encores. Leaving the stage saying yeah, this is our last song, see you soon, just to come back few minutes later to deliver more can get a bit boring. Having the awesomenes hit you in one wave and kind of leave you dumbfucked is what I appreciate even more.

The last two songs (You Waste Your Time and Wish You Well), really knocked my socks off. Not to mention Dust, which was the very first song I heard from them and instantly fell in love. There literary was no point of return. And let me tell you… that together with the band hanging after their set to sing you merch stuff out of their free will and not because we stalked them and waited for hours outside of the venue? I could not be more thankfull to the guys and could not leave Munich without feeling absolutely pumped for another of their amazing shows.

Now as the wait for my first Tremonti concert of this tour is over and it left me wanting more, let’s focus on getting my hands on the novel that should come out in August. A Dying Machine will surely be… to die for.

So, Tremonti, see you soon! Hellfest is coming…

Text by Zuzana Tomkova, photos by Ivana Niwy Kovacova

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