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Single review: Lyrikha – Give Me All Your Love

Since 2014’s “This Time Baby” and renowned 2015 single “Searching”, another kickass woman is back in the electronic music scene with her latest track, “Give Me All Your Love”. Released via her own record label, Erica Leonard Entertainment, Lyrikha broke a two year silence in December of last year.

Lyrikha claims that she started her career on a fluke; finding a channel for her talent through church choir and in school, Erica Leonard began reworking disco classics in adulthood, and gained the perfect perspective for her own work, and it shows. “Give Me All Your Love” possesses all the qualities of a hit club anthem. With a seventies vibe that we have all grown to expect, the single packs energetic electronics into under four minutes, the repetitive lyrics in her chorus are surrounded by fast-paced versus that build in tempo and carry the song through funky disco beats and a synth that won’t quit.

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