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Myles Kennedy

Gallery & Review: Myles Kennedy at Thekla in Bristol, UK 24/3/2018

With Myles Kennedy’s first solo tour, I have been lucky enough to see more than one show. So by the time the Bristol date arrived, I already knew more or less what to expect. Despite that, I was super excited about this one – not only the venue was on an actual boat, but it was also super small and intimate with capacity only 400 people. It is not everyday you get to see the likes of Kennedy in such a tiny place.

For this tour, Myles prepared for his fans acoustic set spanning throughout past 20 years of his carrier with songs from Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and Conspirators and also his very recent solo record Year Of The Tiger. The sets vary from show to show a little bit, but the core is very much the same. Despite that, I can honestly say that no show is like another. It does not get repetetive or old. What I really admire about Kennedy is the fact how he handles the songs live, how he can play with every little aspect and the songs sound sometimes different during different shows. He takes his time to really explore and experiment and he is not afraid to try new approaches and do things differently each time. Great example was this night’s performance of Alter Bridge’s song Open Your Eyes which Myles decided to try and play on his National Resonator guitar. According to his words he haven’t tried that before and it sounded very different, but still amazing.

Also, as a singer, he knows quite very well what he is able to do and how to handle his voice. Even if he was not 100% ok yesterday, feeling a bit sick and his voice cracked a little bit here and there, he still gave the fans his all and he still managed to pull through 2 hour set quite great with help of the audience here and there. He also talked a lot and communicated with the fans, sharing jokes and stories, which must not have been that easy given he was not feeling completely okay. For some songs, Tim Tournier joined him on stage as a very welcome bonus. And we even got a very special treat yesterday, at least for me, in a form of cover of Leonard Cohen’s notoriously known Hallelujah. I always wanted to see Myles perform this song live and it was a perfect end to a perfect show.

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