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5 Best Stock Music Sites for Video Makers

For video-makers, music is an important aspect of every project. It generates feelings and it adds to the overall experience. Also, it helps in the story-telling process as it can be used to express that which cannot be put into words. Because of this, selecting the best and most suitable track for your video is extremely important.

However, licensing quality music tends to be a bit pricey. Nonetheless, there are some resources that offer high-quality tracks for affordable and fair prices.

1. Music Bed

This stock music provider offers a wide selection of genres and composers to choose from. What is more, their prices are more than fair. They pay attention to both quality and the fee they charge. In addition, they collaborate with indie musicians and bands, so they help in promoting their music. The website cooperates with a wide range of clients, from filmmakers to non-profits. And, thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface, clients can find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

2. Premium Beat

This website offers some of the best and most unique music. In fact, they promise that their music is exclusive to their library and cannot be found anywhere else. They value quality and they pick and choose which tracks to include in their library very carefully. So, by choosing Premiumbeat, you know you will be getting a quality and royalty-free product for an affordable price.

3. AudioJungle

When it comes to affordability, AudioJungle is definitely at the top. Even though their prices are not high, they still deliver a wide range of stock music. What is more, they also offer sound effects and music kits in addition to music. Their library is massive, and currently, they boast over 500,000 tracks! Because of their wide selection and affordable fees, they should be included on any video-maker’s list.

4. Music Vine

Even though they are relatively new to the market, they still are at the top of music licensing websites thanks to their careful section and affordable prices. Even though their library may not be the largest, it does offer a huge selection of all sorts of genres and subgenres of music. In addition, their sleek design makes it a pleasure to browse and find what you are looking for.

5. Artlist

This website is a bit different than the ones mentioned above in that it has a yearly subscription fee rather than specific prices for each track. This means that, upon paying the subscription fee, one obtains access to their complete library, and the access is limitless! For those who have much work, this website is a very good choice, because it offers unlimited downloads of as many tracks as you need.

Above are some of the most useful websites for stock music. However, there aremany more great sites that did not make it to this list, and you can check out some others on this comprehensive list of the best 5 stock music resources.

In this article, we offered an overview of the most affordable and versatile websites for licensing royalty-free music. To repeat, obtaining good, quality music does not have to break the bank. By carefully browsing these websites and their abundant libraries, everyone will definitely be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

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