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Angela C. Howell basks in positivity with “There’s Nothin’ I Don’t Love…”

Ohio-bred, New York City-based Angela C. Howell holds undeniable proficiency in each of her many talents. Acting, writing, and composing are just a few, with one particular facet tying them together – music. As a singer-songwriter, Howell has released six albums to date, the latest being An Original Christmas, which features the hit single “Snap Me A Selfie, Santa.” She has also contributed vocals to numerous other projects, all on an international scale.

Last September, Howell released her most recent single, “There’s Nothin’ I Don’t Love…” Co-written by Robert A. McDonald, the song sports a predominantly jazz feel, with tinges of rock and soul added to the mix. Howell’s fiery vibrato may stick out in comparison to the otherwise subdued instrumentation, but it sits nicely nonetheless. The percussion sways rightfully on point with her vocals in conjunction with the sparse lead guitar melodies, ultimately making for a straight-ahead ode to blissful contentment.

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