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Karabas Barabas and the Power of a “Sexy Guy”

We live in a country where celebrity and sexy reign supreme, so what better way to fight tyranny and destruction than with the power of sexy star appeal? And who’s more powerful than The Incredible Hulk?

Ok, we’re not sure what Mark Ruffalo thinks of being challenged to use that powerful sexiness so politically in this situation, but, based on his politics, we’re guessing he’d take it on in a heart beat. So check out psych rockers Karabas Barabas Official Video for “Sexy Guy” to share the message with Mark and the rest of the Sexy Guys, and grab a copy of their The Return of the Sexy Demon online HERE!

“While the sexy demon ran amok, Cheney’s minions crept back into power. As a result Karabas Barabas fought back with the anthem ‘Sexy Guy;’ it is a call to action to stop Cheney’s genocide.”

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