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5 Music Apps to Identify Music

Music is the biggest stress buster in anybody’s life. Whether you are happy, sad, alone, Music comes at your bay.  It instantly changes your mood and let you work with double zeal. Before the internet era, people used to rely on Televisions and radio for listening music but with the advent of websites and apps, people are able to listen to unlimited music for free. Music apps let us access songs from all era.

However, what if you just remember the song’s music or the lyrics or just the singer’s name? Worry not, there are such music identifying apps, which let you identify the song as per artist’s name, humming sound or lyrics. Let us discuss in detail regarding 5 of best Music Identifying apps.


Considered to be the master of all music identifier app, Shazam is surely the most downloaded app by the users. With vast collection of songs, Shazam magically let you know about any song you are searching within few seconds. The user interface of Shazam is very friendly and easy. Here is how you can identify a song on Shazam.

  • Firstly, install the Shazam app on your mobile phone.
  • After opening, you will be directed to a tagging screen.
  • Click on the Shazam Logo button on the home page.
  • Keep the phone where the music is playing or type the lyrics of the song you want to identify.
  • Shazam will take a few seconds to identify the song.
  • After the app has identified the song, it will provide artists name, launch date and lyrics as well.


Giving tough competition to Shazam, SoundHound is close to Shazam among the number of users using the app to identify the song. It is very easy to use the app and you need not to register account for using the app. SoundHound has a dark coloured interface with various Toolbar options to choose from.

  • Install the SoundHound app and open it.
  • You will be directed to homepage, click on SoundHound Orange Logo.
  • After Clicking, the app will be on listening mode.
  • Play the music/song or hold the phone near the place where music is playing.
  • SoundHound will take few seconds to identify the song and then provide song details.

The best part of SoundHound is that you can even hum the song you want to search as the app has feature of recognizing the words we speak.




TrackId is the music identifier app by Sony Corporation and works exactly like Shazam app and SoundHound app. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can view the homepage.

In the app, you cans search music country wise and even live stream music. In the round button option given, click on it and let app recognise the song. The app supports more than 59 languages and provides YouTube Song Link as well.


Another popular and reliable music recognition app, MusixMatch has gradually marked its niche in the market. After installing you would be asked to either register an account or skip the registration, you can choose any of it. To confirm that the app works, it lets you play any YouTube song to identify it.

Yu have to tap on the menu bar of the app and go to the identify lyrics option. Once done click on the Orange button and the app will let the song recognise for you.

Sound Search

A type of Utility launched by Google, Sound Search lets you recognise the music/songs you want. Simply install the app from the Google Play store and you will get the icon on your home screen of the phone. Tap on the What Song is this? Text and let Google search the song. After the song is identified by the app, it lets you download the song via Google Music store.


All of the above discussed music identifier apps have said to have accuracy of 90-95%. All of them are free to use and can be used anytime you want.

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