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Gallery & Review: Ratt at Concord Music Hall – 6.2.17 Chicago, IL.


6/2/17 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL.

By Bradley Todd

Now that Ratt’s legal wranglings with their original, and now former, drummer for control of the Ratt name seem to have come to a close, it’s time for the recently reunited band to get back to the business of performing their brand of ratt ‘n’ roll, and seeing if their fans still care enough to come and rock out with these guys who had their most popular period decades ago and are now down to three out of five original members.

Judging by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd that turned out on 6/2/17 at Concord Music Hall for the rock rodents Chicago stop on their comeback tour, things appear to be all systems go.

The remaining original members of the group, Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Juan Croucier (bass), and Warren DeMartini (guitar), are now joined by Carlos Cavazo, of Quiet Riot fame, and well traveled journeyman drummer, Jimmy DeGrasso. The band played a no frills set on a no frills stage, that consisted simply of some Marshall stacks, a small drum riser, and a big Ratt banner. The group played well together and had no problem skillfully re-creating Ratt’s long list of hits (see setlist below), which had the audience raising their fists like it was the 80’s again…or at least holding up their cell phones to capture the magic like everyone does in 2017!

Lost in the PR whirlwind that swirled as a result of the ongoing litigation and each side’s spin on the proceedings, is the fact that Ratt really has a long resume of great hits that have aged well, separating the band from a lot of the pop metal community of the 80’s that isn’t worth a reunion today. And for me, the songs were the star of the show, and that’s not to diminish any band member’s performance in any way. To the contrary, the group sounded great. Stephen Pearcy’s gravelly, distinct voice…which has much, but not all, to do with Ratt’s unique sound…was right in key. Juan Croucier’s voice has aged like a fine wine, allowing his background vocals to shine right along with his bouncy bass groove. Jimmy DeGrasso and Carlos Cavazo, both long time pros, did their parts justice bringing these classic hard rock tunes to life. And Warren DeMartini is still a six string guitar king of the 1st order. Ratt fans and fans of the hard rock/metal scene of the 80’s scene certainly know of DeMartini’s prowess on the guitar…his indelible licks and solos permeate all of Ratt’s albums and live on…but he never became a household name like some of his contemporaries. No matter, it doesn’t diminish his art in any way. And said art was on full display during this show, and made the performance such a treat…even if he never busted out his well known snakeskin guitar (boo!).

(The band has remaining dates on their tour, and info on that as well as links to their social media can be found at: www.therattpack.com )


  1. Wanted Man
  2. I’m Insane
  3. Dangerous But Worth the Risk
  4. You Think You’re Tough
  5. Walkin’ the Dog
  6. Way Cool Junior
  7. In Your Direction
  8. Lovin’ You is a Dirty Job
  9. Slip of the Lip
  10. Nobody Rides for Free
  11. Lack of Communication
  12. Lay it Down
  13. You’re in Love
  14. Body Talk
  15. Back for More
  16. Round and Round



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