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Denny White Returns With New Single, “Traces.”

California’s Denny White maintains a healthy output with his new single release, “Traces”. The song had earned the Los Angeles singer/songwriter a place on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist, and follows previous singles “Psycho” and “Sweetness,” both of which received widespread listenership on the platform. Regarding the song’s content, White states,” Regardless of who you are, we all share the common bond of being shaped by the many relationships in our lives, for better or worse. Some people leave nasty scars, and others leave meaningful marks.” He adds, “If you’re lucky enough, someone will leave one that changes you for a lifetime.”

Indeed, “Traces” aptly captures the extent to which such marks create impact. Through a contrasting bumping bass beat and clean guitar melody, White reflects on how his partner’s sheer presence allows him to be vulnerable—cleansed of life’s tainting, like a child embracing their seemingly limitless potential. Amidst inevitable turmoil—and ultimate breakup, White notes the obligatory reappearance of ‘traces’, or signs alluding to fond memories. As per his perspective, what is filled with momentary bittersweetness can be utilized for eventual, long term growth.


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