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Sarantos Releases a New Top 40 Pop Song “A Halloween Song” Just In Time.

Halloween, which is also known as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve, is right around the corner now that fall is in full bloom. The holiday was definitely shaped by old Celtic speaking countries but also has a hint of Christian influences. October 31st is a special day and most look forward to it. Halloween activities like attending costume parties, trick-or-treating, decorating the house or office, carving pumpkins, telling scary stories, apple bobbing, playing pranks on unsuspecting friends or vulnerable family members, visiting haunted houses and watching classic horror films await everyone.

There aren’t many Halloween songs to pick from in the latest pop music offerings. Sarantos has always loved Halloween and fondly remembers throwing lively costume parties in high school that frequently earned the title of “party of the year.” So it is any wonder Sarantos attacked this holiday with an unrelenting passion, wanting to create a classic top 40 pop style Halloween song with an infectious melody and inspiring catchy lyrics?

“This fun pop song is dedicated to Halloween,” says Sarantos. “Other than Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. The chance to dress up and pretend to be someone else is such a thrill. I vividly remember the parties we threw at my house for Halloween. They were some of my fondest memories during high school. There were shaving cream, eggs, crazy costumes, endless laughter – just such a happy and playful time. There was no bullying, violence, cliques or drama. Everyone just had fun. I even dressed up as a nun one year! The Halloween parties always ended up with everyone needing to shower at our house, which is kinda funny considering there were almost 80 kids there!”

33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to Spirit Of Children. They help make hospitals less scary for kids and their families by providing fun during Halloween.

Sarantos’ unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as an “emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic ’80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music.”

Since 2014, Sarantos has won over 32 awards with Akademia LA Music and Beat 100, while also being nominated for the International Music & Entertainment Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards. Even without ever using a professional music studio, label, ad agency or radio promoters, “Dreamer” & “What If I Never See You Again” have spent many months in the top 200 on the majors list in the US for radio airplay according to the Digital Radio Tracker Top 200 charts. On the independent charts, Sarantos has hit the top 10 twice.

*Because Sarantos wants top 40 pop music shared throughout the world, fans can always find downloadable songs, lyric sheets, videos and books on the website. Fans can sign up for the email list to get the inside scoop first and exclusive content available nowhere else.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Sarantosmelogia

Spotify: play.spotify.com/artist/0fSzbfDxSHL10T1ryPsRLQ

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