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EDM Clothing

Fashion has always been at the centre of the electronic dance music scene and certain clothes and looks have defined it since its inception in the 1980s.

So, what sort of clothing do ravers and those that go to EDM gigs wear in 2016? Well, let’s take a look at some of the most common pieces of EDM garb.


Acid-Washed Denim


Acid-washed denim just gives off that vibe of being old school hip-hop, cool and retro.  In addition, it fits in perfectly with all of today’s throwback trends.


One extremely versatile item of clothing is a distressed acid wash denim vest.  You can wear one with a stylish pair of harem pants and a fitted v-neck.


Acid washed jeans feel very retro, almost like a Barbie Doll.  You can wear bright colored pumps and a pink peplum top with them!  (If you are an extreme dork like I am, you can also wear a side ponytail with scrunchie!)


This is really crazy, but I went to Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago and found a pair of short overalls to wear to an outdoor music festival.  I absolutely love them.  For a totally fun concert look, they can be worn with a cropped top underneath them.


Graphic Pop Top


Another great staple that goes with just about any kind of style are graphic t-shirts.  However, for music-inspired wardrobes like the ones we are covering in this article, they are especially key.  To have an excellent conversation piece, pick up a tank or tee at the merchant’s booth the next time you attend a concert.


You can also try wearing acid washed jeans with a very frilly and girly skirt – like one that is made out of sequins or tutu-like tulle material.


For a stylist outfit to wear on the go, add a graphic tank or tee underneath a colored leather jacket or military jacket along with jean shorts.


Army Jacket


Can you think of anything that doesn’t go with a stylish military-inspired jacket?  I really love utility styled, anorak and structured army jacket, particularly at this time of year, since they can make just about anything that is hanging in your closet look as if you walked directly out of a fashion blog or Urban Outfitters catalog.


To create a grungy, downtown Los Angeles kind of vibe, throw one over a dress.  I particularly like how utility coats look with flashy sequined styled or body con dresses.  They go really well with maxi dresses also.


Wear a tough and grungy army jacket to help down a loud patterned top or colorful denim.  Use a fun hat to finish the look off.


Wear it one with riding boots, statement jewelry, thick leggings and a long-cut t-shirt and you are good to go.


Colored Leather


A fun and surprising way of wearing some color in the cold fall and winter month is to rock a faux leather or colored leather vest or jacket.  They help to keep you warm and provide you with a vibe that is more energetic than a wintery, rustic one.


A bright leather jacket looks great with acid washed jeans and a white tank top.


Wear wide leg jeans with a black fitted long sleeve shirt and colored denim vest.


A tan or white leather jacket will look great with a basketball jersey.  Wear canvas sneakers and colored denim or leopard jeans to complete your look.


Chunky Statement Jewelry


One of the easiest and fastest ways to add an eccentric, urban and funky look to an otherwise plain out fit is to add fun and interesting jewelry.  PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) homemade bracelets are very property for trading with other fans at electronic concerts.  Other staples include glowsticks, chunky rings, feathered earrings and bold colored bangles.


I myself was completely caught off guard when I was at a Big Gigantic concert and somebody game me a PLUR bracelet.   You don’t have to feel obligated to bring or make anything if you happen to be only a casual EDM fan like I am.  However, feel free accepting one if some generous concert goer gives you a nice bracelet.


Be on the lookout for statement-making and unusual pieces of jewelry such as ear cuffs or arm bands.


Light Up Trainers

The light up trainer wasn’t something that could have made its way to the fore until quite recently, due to the need for small enough LED lights to fit in shoes. Additionally, battery power is also something of importance.


However, here we are. Shoes with light up soles have taken the EDM area by storm and it looks like they’re going to continue to do so. The shoes come with a variety of LED lights in the soles and these light up intermittently and often in an array of colours.


They’re fund and they’re different and perfect for the EDM scene as they light up the place in the bright neon colours many are used to. Well worth a look – check out Get Lit Shoes.


Something In Animal Print


It’s really no secret to anybody who knows me, that my favorite color is actually leopard print.  In fact, this year I made a challenge to myself to wear something with leopard print on every game day!  So whether you are a leopard girl like me, or love cheetah, snake, tiger or zebra, adding animal print items to your outfits can be very fun, trendy and urban.


Leopard pants are one of the coolest things in the world (at least to me).  Snake pattern pants may look great too, but the real key to rocking either of them is finding prints more on the muted and subtle side of things.


If your pants are way too over-the-top for your tastes, you can try to tuck a sheer animal print or silky blouse underneath a colored leather jacket or into your colored skinny jeans.


Shoes are another great way of rocking animal print.  You can try wearing them with a graphic top and acid washed jeans.  It’s probably crazy, but I have ankle booties, pointy-toed high heel pumps and ballet flats all in leopard print. That is how versatile t

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