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Tony 4/7 Releases Finally 21 Mix-tape

Tony 4/7’s inspiration for the tape was finally turning 21 and using the passion he
has for music to deliver a positive message to everybody, especially to those
who went through hard times as a child growing up in a corrupted society. His
favorite tracks from “Finally 21” is “Realness”, do to the real reality of actually
becoming an Icon coming from the “gutter”. Moving around in his early teens
really shaped who he became. The cities of Leominster, Ware, and Worcester in
Massachusetts changed him and this will be his 2nd year adjusting to S.C.
Another 3 tracks he liked were “Life N D Gutta”, “Fock Hospitals”, and, “Live
From The Gutta.” He likes them most because they reflect how far he’s come to
share his story.Tony’s inspiration for becoming an artist rose from moving around
from family members to foster homes at an early age. The idea came from his
first foster brothers, Luis, Cam, and Xavier. Through them attempting to write
“bars”, later led to Tony sticking to it. The moving around and foster
replacements were tough on him and music became the best solution to his
depressions provided the only positive way to express him freely.
Tony’s goals for the future are just to keep his humility. If he was ever make it to
the top, he just prays God handles his situation and protects him from the
industry’s dark side. Working with his first real engineer was a good experience.
Knowing someone else was willing to work with his style of music and package
his vision, helped raise his confidence while motivating him to keep going. Tony
4/7’s dream collaborations would be between Nino Bless, Cambatta, J.Cole, and
Chance the Rapper, and we surely don’t see him stopping anytime soon. He has
a bright future, may prosperity light his path.

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