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Album Review: Anthrax – For All Kings

Anthrax has been rocking the metal scene since 1981. The group has gone onto sell over ten million records and come the icon of America’s hi-top wearing, riff-spitting, ear thrashing answer to the new wave of British Heavy Metal. With that said, I’m sure most of you know who Anthrax are. I’ve had the privilege to see them live in concert twice and they always put on a great performance. I’ve also been lucky enough to listen to the new album now for several weeks. Anthrax’s new album is titled For All Kings. It’s a great effort put together by the guys.

“Monster At The End” comes in as the third track from the album. From the first time I listened to this song, I could’ve sworn that I was listening the old Anthrax classic, “Indians”. Joey Belladonna’s voice is fantastic on this number.

“Breathing Lightning” just might be Anthrax’s most popular song on the album. There’s absolutely nothing that can hold this beast back from unleashing across every rock radio station in the United States, let along the remainder of the globe. Its arena rock that is upbeat, has a great tempo and will have you hooked from the first ten seconds. I can easily see why this song was the first single from the record.

One of the other songs that really caught my attention comes into play towards the end of the disc. Powerful drumming, that kicks you right in the chest introduces this number. “Voice Of The People” is one of the hidden gems on For All Kings. This would be a great song for testing out the bass on any of your stereo systems. Be warned, if you have it cranked to 11, you may feel the floor beneath you shaking. And that’s not a bad thing!

Overall, For All Kings is a great album from Anthrax. Of course, there might be some people who disagree with me. But in my opinion, this is Anthrax’s best album in decades. I love what I’m hearing on this CD and it does sound like classic 80’s Anthrax. This album gives Joey the chance to shine and it’s only upward from here for the guys in Anthrax. Pick this record up and catch them out on the road this spring.

Brekaing Ground
Lyrical Voice

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