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Psychic Astrologer?

Astrology is an ancient technique first formulated by the Greeks and Egyptians which by plotting planetary action and the angles formed between them, have an influence on the events on planet Earth. To this day, one of the interpretations techniques used in astrology is founded on a famed Greek astrologer, Placidus that was called.


Astrology is a hybrid vehicle, a mixture of scientific or factual data on the positions of the planets, but the interpretation is more like an art form. Why? Because there are a wide variety of calculation and it a very individualistic, and evaluation techniques process. Each astrologer will develop the style that suits them best.


But some astrologers promote themselves. Is this a contradiction in terms, or can it be possible to use both – A highly evolved intuition, in tandem with reading someone’s private astrology birth chart?


Well, quite a few advisor astrologers probably do feel quite uncomfortable by anyone marketing the two distinct divination systems side by side. This is only because their objective will be to dignify astrology, and any association with talking to folks on the “other side”, mightn’t sit comfortably with them.


The risk however, is as being completely without any factual basis, which incidentally, is just not true, merely a broadly held belief that any astrologer that scorns a co-worker using psychic power, threats repeating the scorn and negative judgement many people make on astrology.


Truth be told, much of this comes down to personal taste. If anyone is attempting to help an individual by giving them knowledge which helps them to make clearer and better choices, it could be said to be an excellent thing, so long as the receiver is not uncomfortable with the method.


As in all walks of life, there is going to be psychics and astrologers who are highly proficient and thoroughly honest, and there will be others more inspired by monetary gain.


Reading a birth chart does give a huge amount of information. It might be said the astrologer using psychic insights to complement the knowledge she or he has gleaned from the birth chart, could truly make them much more powerful. So resistance within the astrology world might be based more on snobbery, rather than efficacy.


In summary, there is nothing to stop an astrologer using lots of other methods to help, and this may include having a diploma in being a person with excellent interpersonal abilities, counselling, and having lots of life experience that they could pass on. All can be of benefit, the proof of the pudding is if their customers enjoy the consultation and find it helpful.

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